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    October 20, 2016

    TCF school – Engro Thar campus: EPTL and TCF sign agreement to construct school in Islamkot

    Karachi, October 20, 2016: Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company and Engro Powergen Thar Limited have been working tirelessly on mining and power plant operations in Thar with the hope to alleviate Pakistan’s energy crisis, while being committed to bringing about positive changes for the local communities. This has led us to partner with The Citizens’ Foundation – a renowned organization that has been working on providing free of cost education for marginalized communities around the country. SECMC and TCF signed an MoU last year for provision of educational facilities for the people of Thar. To solidify the terms of this MoU and reinforce commitment to the cause, an agreement is being signed between EPTL and TCF for establishing one school campus in Islamkot consisting of three primary and two secondary sections. The “TCF School – Engro Thar Campus” will cater to the urban population of Islamkot as well as the surrounding rural population of the area. EPTL has graciously stepped in to provide funds of approximately PKR 230 million the construction of the campus and its running cost for the next 10 years.

    Education indeed is a catalyst in bringing about sustainable change within any society. Unfortunately for our rural communities, it has very little recognition. Due to this reason, enrollment rates are ever decreasing. There are several operational problems that exist within our system causing hindrance to in the opportunities available to children for educational development. Tharparkar’s poverty and underdeveloped state has been the crux of this lack of learning resources in the area. Islamkot Campus is just one of the many school projects planned to enhance educational facilities in the area. SECMC’s scope is to build and run TCF Schools in each Taluka of Tharparkar as part of its larger plan.

    On the agreement signing TCF CEO Mr. Syed Asad Ayub said “TCF is engaged in establishing and managing educational institutions to promote education in Pakistan. We are very excited to proceed with this community development venture hand in hand with EPTL with the hope that education will help the local Thari community escape their vicious cycle of poverty.” Engro Powergen Limited CEO Mr. Shamsuddin Ahmed Shaikh shared similar sentiments.


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