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At Engro Energy, we take pride in our culture of excellence and seek people who share our core values, have the drive to succeed, and are as passionate about their lives as they are about their work.


Engro Energy provides the opportunity to work in a dynamic workplace, combining the dual benefit of working with a large conglomerate with the agility of a small business environment.

For people at Engro, each day brings with it new opportunities and is the beginning of a new challenge. As we keep innovating new ways to return value to stakeholders, our path brings us every day to new markets, pushes us for new explorations and constantly redefining business horizons. Whether you are new to the corporate world or an experienced professional, our multifaceted workplace will provide you with unparalleled career options and every opportunity to excel.

At Engro Energy, our aim is to provide professionals from all walks of life the opportunity to work in a dynamic workplace that combines the dual benefit of working in a large conglomerate with the convenience of a closely-knit business environment.

So whether you are an experienced professional contemplating a career move, or a fresh entrant ready to make your way up the corporate ladder, our dynamic work-place will offer you a meaningful platform for growth and every opportunity to excel.

life @ engro

At Engro, we value our employees and believe that how we work is what truly sets us apart. Therefore, we go out of our way to foster a culture that is flexible, fun and focused on giving our employees their due place within the organization.

what you can expect from us

  • Employee Friendly Policies designed to protect your welfare
  • A strong emphasis on human resource development
  • Recruitment, Selection, and retention of the country’s finest talent
  • Rewards, benefits and growth prospects that will make your efforts worth your while
  • Countless opportunities to progress, evolve and grow

So if you think you have what it takes to be part of our winning team,

why engro energy

Here are a few reasons that give us top billing as Pakistan’s most sought after organization by career seekers…

Our proven track record of recruiting and retaining the best talent – We recognize talent, and do our best to reward you for it.
Limitless prospects for growth, learning and career progression- The sky’s the limit at Engro if you can match our pace!
Employee Engagement Surveys to track employee satisfaction levels – At Engro, your feedback counts for a lot!

online application

At Engro Energy, our recruitment process is simple, efficient, transparent and objective. We assess our candidates through a three-tiered process involving an application, an aptitude test and a set of interviews. Our recruitment process is designed to promote meritocracy whilst ensuring that all applicants get a fair opportunity for every role.

So if you think you have what it takes to be part of our winning team,
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