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تھر پاور کمپنی لمیٹڈ

سال کے دوران فنانشل کلوز کے حوالے سے مضبوط اور سنگ میل کی حیثیت رکھنے والی کامیابی حاصل ہوئی۔ای پی ٹی ایل نے نیپرا سے 18مارچ 2015ء کو جنریشن لائسنس حاصل کیا۔اس کے بعد ای پی ٹی ایل نے 17 اپریل 2015ء کوپرائیویٹ پاوراینڈ انفراسٹرکچر بورڈ (پی پی آئی بی) کی جانب سے لیٹر آف سپورٹ حاصل کیا۔4 مئی 2015ء کو ای پی ٹی ایل نے نیشنل ٹرانسمیشن اینڈ ڈسپچچ کمپنی کے ساتھ پاور پرچیز معاہدہ (پی پی اے)کیا اور اسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان کے ساتھ عمل درآمد اگریمنٹ (آئی اے) اورسپلیمنٹ آئی اے معاہدے کئے۔ای پی ٹی ایل نے 7 جون 2015ء کو سندھ اینگرو کول مائننگ کمپنی کے ساتھ کوئلہ سپلائی کے معاہدے پر دستخط کئے۔بنیادی انجینئرنگ کی اسٹڈی شروع کی گئی اور سال کے دوران ابتدائی جیو ٹیکنیکل اور ٹوپوگراف سروے بھی مکمل کئے گئے ۔سی ایم ای سی نے جیو ٹیکنیکل اور ٹاپگرافک سروے مکمل کیا ہے۔

CMECنے پاور پلانٹ کی سائٹ کے حوالے سے جیو ٹیکنیکل اور ٹوپوگرافک سروے مکمل کئے۔سائٹ پر 96 بور ہولز (50 میٹر تک گہرائی) بھی کرلی گئی ۔CMEC نے بجلی پلانٹ کی سائٹ پر پائلنگ جانچ کی ایکٹیوٹی شروع کی ہے اورآٹھ بور سوراخ مکمل ہوگئے ہیں۔سال کے دوران ای پی ٹی ایل نے مقامی اور غیر ملکی فنانشل اداروں کے ساتھ فنانسنگ کے معاہدوں پر دستخط کئے اور شیئر ہولڈنگ اسٹرکچر کوحتمی شکل دی۔ای پی ٹی ایل کے منصوبے کی لاگت کا تخمینہ 1,108ملین ڈالر ہے جس میں سے 831ملین ڈالر قرض کی شکل میں حاصل کئے جائیں گے جبکہ 277ملین ڈالر 75:25تناسب کی شرح کے مطابق حصص فروخت سے حاصل کئے جائیں گے۔اینگرو پاور جن لمیٹڈ منصوبے میں تجویز کردہ 51فیصد اکثریتی عام حصص کی مالک ہوگی باقی حصص CMEC تھر پاور انوسٹمنٹ لمیٹڈ اور دیگر مقامی سرمایہ کاروں (حبیب بینک لمیٹڈ اور لبرٹی ملز)کی ملکیت ہونگے۔21 دسمبر 2015ء کو بڑے مالی معاہدوں پر عملدرآمد کیا گیا۔فنانشل کلوز اور قرض کی توثیق سیکورٹی دستاویزات، ضمانت جاری کرنے اور قانونی رسمی اداروں تکمیل کرنے کے بعد متوقع ہے۔


  • Syed Manzoor Hussain Zaidi CEO
  • Ahsan Zafar Syed Chairman

    Ahsan Zafar Syed is the CEO of Engro Energy Limited – one of the leading energy companies in Pakistan and a subsidiary of Engro Corporation. As the CEO he looks after various entities which include Engro Powergen Qadirpur Limited; Engro Powergen Thar Limited; Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company; Engro Energy Services Limited and Siddiqsons Energy Limited.

    Ahsan is a graduate of NED where he studied Mechanical Engineering and then pursued his post-graduate degree in USA. As a proud alumnus of NED, Ahsan has close to three decades of managing and leading multi-billion dollar, mega-scale projects such as the fertilizer expansion project of Engro Fertilizers, setting up of Pakistan’s largest rice processing facility in Muridke and most recently establishing the CPEC-endorsed multi-billion dollar Thar power and mining projects – which have successfully unearthed Pakistan’s large coal reserves in Thar and produced electricity through Pakistan’s own fuel source. He joined the EPQL Board in 2019.

  • Fauzia Viqar Director

    Fauzia Viqar is an internationally recognized expert and visionary leader on gender issues in development. She has vast experience of working with government and civil society organizations in Canada and Pakistan where Fauzia has led large programs on human rights and women’s empowerment. As Chairperson of the Punjab Commission on the Status of Women, Fauzia succeeded in placing gender equality at the core of government processes, by providing concrete evidence derived from unique data collection mechanisms that she pioneered. She currently heads a development consultancy, Rah Center for Management and Development and serves on various policy making boards and committees. She joined the Board in 2019.

  • Hasnain Moochhala Director

    Hasnain Moochhala joined Engro Corporation Limited as Chief Financial Officer in June 2017. Prior to that, he has had a in Commercial Finance, M&A, Corporate Governance, Treasury and Audit over 30 years across Europe and Asia. The last 20 years of his career was with Royal Dutch Shell in various roles including Finance Director Shell Pakistan, Head of Finance for Shell Lubricants Asia Pac, Head of Downstream M&A East and Finance Manager Upstream Joint Ventures.

    Hasnain has partnered with businesses of significant size across China, South and East Asia, delivering turnaround business performance whilst ensuring robust business controls and compliance in matrixed organizations. His key achievements in prior roles include the delivery of material M&A transactions, the formulation of global best practice in Joint Venture Governance, cost leadership and the building of strategic partnerships with various stakeholders. Hasnain has also led, coached and mentored teams in Singapore and Pakistan, as well as virtual teams across Asia Pacific and Europe.

  • Atif Kaludi Director

    Atif Kaludi is a Chartered Accountant by qualification with 15 years of experience and is presently the Chief Financial Officer of Engro Fertlizers Ltd, a publicly traded enterprise and a part of the Engro Group. Engro is one of the largest conglomerates of Pakistan and has diversified itself in businesses including fertilizers, chlor-vinyl, foods, power generation, chemical handling and commodity trading. Kaludi has served Engro Powergen Qadirpur Limited and Engro Polymers in the past.

    Atif received his CA training at one of the big fours i.e. Ernst & Young Pakistan. In his professional experience he has not only covered all areas of finance but has also worked outside his core area of expertise in inventory management function as a rotational assignment at Engro.

  • Javed Akbar Director

    Javed Akbar is a Chemical Engineer and has over 40 years of experience in fertilizer and chemical business with Exxon, Engro and Vopak in Pakistan and overseas. He was part of the buyout team in 1991 when Exxon divested its stake in Engro.

    Prior to his retirement in 2006, he was Chief Executive of Engro Vopak Terminal Limited, a joint venture between Engro and Royal Vopak of Holland. After retirement, he established a consulting company specializing in analyzing and forecasting petroleum, petrochemical and energy industry trends and providing strategic insight.

    He currently serves on the board of companies involved in fertilizer, petroleum, power and renewable energy. He joined the EPQL Board in 2010.

  • Khalid Mohsin Shaikh Director
  • Wei Xinjie Director
  • Li Kan Director
  • Duan Xiangwei Director