April 15, 2021

    Call for tapping into Thar’s potential for tourism

    MITHI: Speakers at a conference called for preserving cultural and historical sites in Thar and developing them into sightseeing destinations to tap into the region’s great potential for tourism.

    Sindh Minister for Culture, Tourism and Archives Syed Sardar Ali Shah said at the conference titled Thar investment and tourism promotion, which was held on the sidelines of the third and concluding day of Colours of Thar festival on Sunday, that events like the festival and the conference were the best ‘weapons’ to fight against social ills.

    He said the festivals were the best way to bring people of different strata of society to one platform. Thar might be facing malnutrition due to recurring droughts but the calamities had not impacted its beauty and peace over the centuries, he said, adding the government was working on a number of projects to develop Thar into one of the best and most peaceful tourist spot in the country.

    Asif Ikram, secretary of provincial investment department, said that it was unfortunate that no proper investment was being made by various departments to boost trade of local products.

    He said that there was dire need to protect all historical and heritage sites in the desert district with active participation and supervision of officials concerned as well as lawmakers.

    CEO of Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company, Syed Abul Fazil Rizvi, said that the mining firm and Thar Foundation had achieved all the milestones not only in development sectors but also in coal extraction and subsequent power generation.

    Provincial secretary of mines and minerals Syed Zulfikar Ali Shah said that Sindh government had launched a number of projects to protect Karoonjhar hills.

    He dispelled the impression that Sindh government had issued permits for extraction of precious stones from protected sites. The construction of as many as 34 small dams in Parkar region would bring about an agricultural revolution in the region which would not only boost agriculture but also promote tourism, he said.

    PPP MPA Qasim Siraj Soomro said that Sindh government had launched a number of plans to overhaul infrastructure in the desert district.

    Published in Dawn, March 22nd, 2021


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