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    health, safety & environment

    Health, Safety & Environment is one of the core values of Engro Energy Limited. We at Engro Energy, realize that without adequate safety measures, both, our employees, and our operations would be at risk. For this very reason, we remain committed to providing the safest working environment to our employees, particularly at manufacturing facilities, whilst remaining cognizant of our environmental duties and responsibilities.

    we have affiliated ourselves with world’s leading health, safety and environmental management systems which are as below:


    • All our operations are certified by Queensland Mining Systems, DuPont & ISO (ISO-45001, ISO-14001, ISO-9001 Certified).
    • SECMC is also a Member of National Safety Council – USA.


    • The EPQL Site has been certified by WWF as a Green Office.
    • EPQL Plant site achieved a DuPont rating if 3.58 making it the only Engro subsidiary to achieve the certification within 2.5 years of commencement of commercial operations.
    • EPQL has been awarded the 5-S Certification for Warehouse Management by National Productivity Organization (NPO), Ministry of Industries, Government of Pakistan.
    • The Company conforms to the standards of ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001.
    • In 2019 EPQL was awarded the ISO 55001:2014 certification by the British Standards Institute (BSI) for effective asset management – making it the first subsidiary in the group to achieve this certification.


    DuPont Safety Management System – Achieved 3.0 score, ISO 14001 certified for Environmental Management


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