Farooq Nazim Shah

    VP Services

    • Engro Energy Limited

    Farooq Nazim Shah is the VP Services at Engro Energy Limited (EEL) and also serves as the head of Engro Energy Services Limited – the services arm of EEL. Farooq is a true Engro veteran who joined the group in 1994 in the fertilizers business of the group. It was in this business where he gained specialist knowledge and experience of engineering management; project management and fundamentals of operations and management of running an industrial plant. During his time at Engro Fertilizers (then Engro Chemicals Limited), he was part of the core team that deployed the enVen project – the multi-billion-dollar fertilizer expansion initiative – where his key responsibilities included extensive involvement with various foreign and local contractors and OEM’s for resolution of issues, design deficiencies and grass root planning and coordination.

    With over two and a half decades of rich experience he has been instrumental in pivoting the business model of Engro Energy to ensure that it follows international best practices and is commercially competitive. As an alumnus of the prestigious NED University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi he has remained an active member
    of the alumni.

    In his personal life, Farooq likes to spend time by reading, listening to music and remaining physically active.


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