Why Engro

Each day at Engro brings with it new opportunities, exciting challenges and a host of different experiences. As we build upon our tradition of excellence, we actively seek people who share our core values, have the drive to succeed, and the will to excel.

At Engro Energy, our aim is to provide professionals from all walks of life the opportunity to work in a dynamic workplace that combines the dual benefit of working in a large conglomerate with the convenience of a closely-knit business environment.

So whether you are an experienced professional contemplating a career move, or a fresh entrant ready to make your way up the corporate ladder, our dynamic work-place will offer you a meaningful platform for growth and every opportunity to excel.

Here are a few reasons that give us top billing as Pakistan’s most sought after local conglomerate by career seekers…

  • Our proven track record of recruiting and retaining the best talent – We recognise talent, and do our best to reward you for it.
  • Limitless prospects for growth, learning and career progression- The sky’s the limit at Engro if you can match our pace!
  • Employee Engagement Surveys to track employee satisfaction levels – At Engro, your feedback counts for a lot!

So if you think you have what it takes to be part of our winning team, click here to apply NOW.